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About Voice By Jake, LLC

A Disabled Veteran Small Colorado Business

We are currently a two person company providing specialty voice narrations, impersonations, website voice/intro, commercials, audiobook work, character development, or whatever voice needs you have.

About Me

I realized early in life that I had a special gift with my voice. Starting as a child, I often mimicked radio and television broadcasts (by turning off the sound and providing my own voice version). This continued through life as I aged into maturity but maintained the entertainment for family, personal friends, mates and co-workers.

As I got older and had taken the voice talent to a professional level, I have groomed my voice talent through special and continued training (with industry leaders and performing artists) to the depth and breadth of voice that I have today as an adult. I provide high-quality voice products from our high-quality and modern home based studio. My voice talents have a wide breadth and depth to cover a large range of voice needs. This includes accents, languages, dialects, various sounds, and more (North American various regions); African; United Kingdom (various regions); Australian; Oriental (various regions), etc.